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NUE Magazine Chicago is now featuring CALM DIY Beauty Tips

CALM Skin Care Nue Magazine
CALM DIY Beauty tips are now a column in NUE Magazine Chicago hitting stands soon and featuring fashion and art. The magazine is sure to be a big hit with Chicago ladies. CALM DIY Beauty tips column for the June 2016 issue prepares your face for summer time with scrubbing and toning tips. It also features CALM Founder Jyl Bonaguro and her story. Check it out Now

Your skin is your body's largest organ, measuring at about 22 square feet, and acts like a living sponge. All the body products you use like makeup, shampoo, and lotions are quickly absorbed by your skin and fed them into your bloodstream where they're immediately circulated throughout your body. Help protect yourself from thousands of harmful chemicals lurking in personal care products—even many “natural”ones by trying a few things at home...."