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CALM loves receiving written testimonials and videos from our CALM fans

The Body Butter (Cocoa Butter Body Bar) is a wonderful product. One pregnancy down and not a single stretch mark. When my doctor touched my stomach she said, “I have felt a number of stomachs in my career and yours is by far the softest."

- Paulina, Chicago, IL

Last winter, I used the Mini Jojoba Hand Salve for my dry, cracking fingers. Wonderful product and it smells so good, too. If your fingers crack like mine when the temps get below freezing, you need to check it out. I’m definitely stocking up for this winter and getting for friends with the same dry skin issues.

- Peggy M, Chicago IL

CALM Fan AntonioThe first thing I noticed about CALM’s Soy Milk & Rose Hips Cleanser and Banana Mango Moisturizing Mask was the natural, clean smell…I mean it even looked edible. Sold in either powder or liquid form, they gently clean and moisturize skin. Their products are packed with over 60 natural ingredients, helping skin maintain its natural integrity and shine. Another great thing about CALM Natural Skincare is their love for the environment. The entire line offers refills to avoid increasing plastic waste on the planet and the packaging is “space friendly.” Gone are the days of a few products taking all the room on your counter top or cabinet.

- Antonio Gonzales, New York, NY

CALM Fan LisaShimmer Lip Balm, I don’t leave home without it… Watch Lisa Now - Lisa Alvarez of Healing Foundations

I really like the Shimmer Lip Balm. It matches my lip color, it’s not too dark, and the texture is really nice and smooth. I could apply once and it lasts a really long time. And the packaging looks so cool, so people always ask me what I’m putting on my lips. And I tell them “AWESOMENESS”.

- Malaya & Addy Harris, Denver CO

My daughters love the lip balm & I love the Soy Milk & Rose Hips Cleanser. The Pomegranate Eye & Neck Serum is also really great and I’m at the age where I’m starting to get self conscious about my neck and eyes. We love CALM.

- Cecille Harris, Denver CO

CALM Fan RyanI use the eye and neck serum day and night, it makes me feel young and youthful… Watch Ryan Now - Ryan Conrod, Chicago, IL

Prototypically, I am not the type of person who writes testimonials simply because I do not find an extraordinary number of “products” which warrant accolades. However, due to my love of outdoor activities, skiing, horseback riding, etc. over the years I began to develop “sun damaged skin.” Of course, being self conscious, I attempted to search for a solution to help “mitigate the years of exposure spent outdoors. I have finally found it. CALM has created Pomegranate Aloe Moisturizer which nourishes my skin, and aids in dramatically reducing my skin’s dryness. Not only does this product feel as though it is nurturing every part of my face where it is applied, but actually creates a lustrous glow to my skin. My skin is calmed and feels rejuvenated. Time is precious to all of us, but I felt compelled to share my delight with this skin care treatment. I am so appreciative to have been introduced by Jyl to a product that “truly has made a difference.”

- Allan Ettinger, Chicago, IL

CALM Fan ReneeEven though I eat pretty healthy and I drink plenty of water, I still tend to get dry skin and that can lead to premature aging… Watch Renee Now - Renee Clerkin, RD, LDN, CLT,

I love the Rosemary Eucalyptus Tonifier. I spritz it on after washing my face and it makes my face feel so cool. I also really like the Soy Milk & Rose Hips Cleanser. It’s a nice mild exfoliant and easy to travel with because it’s a powder.

- Candice Caluya, Chicago, IL

I used to scrub my eye makeup off with various cleaners. After using CALM’s eye serum for a couple of years, I was really happy they started to recommend it as an eye makeup remover. I found that I could apply it, take off my makeup and then reapply some for additional moisturizing. Awesome solution!

- Jean B., Dallas, TX

CALM Fan ErinThis cute little contraption (Sample the Spa) contains 6 little sample sizes…This stuff is awesome! I have smoother more radiant skin, less pimples, honestly my skin has never looked better!!

- Erin Rucker, Hamptonville, NC

Thank you so much, your products have made the world of difference in my skin. I’ve had cystic acne for years now. It hasn’t ever cleared up this much and is looking healthier everyday.

- Mairead Kealy, Chicago, IL

I could never find a skin cleaner that worked until I used CALM’s Soymilk & Rosehips Cleanser. With other products, either my skin was too dried out, or not clean enough. This product has made a world of difference to my skin’s health. I also love the Pomegranate + Vitamin C Eye & Neck Serum which penetrates through for toning and restoration. It works much better than creams, and believe me, at my age (61) I’ve tried everything! Thank You Jyl!

- Adrian Deckbar, New Orleans, LA

CALM Fan CarolinaI used to think, Toner, Is it really necessary? And decided yes, after washing my face, a few spritzes of toner helps prepare my face for applying moisturizer and it smells so good. Without it, it seems like my face needs more moisturizer and I miss the soothing aromatherapy of the Calendula Chamomile Toner.

- Dr. Carolina Scholtz, Chicago, IL

Sometimes my skin gets really oily because of summer humidity, so I use the bentonite green tea mask 2x a week and it works great. Once fall and winter arrive, I switch back to 1x per week.

- Jaclyn Miller, Las Vegas, NV

Best concealer ever! - Amy Young, Stevenson, MI

CALM Fan RebeccaThe Bentonite Green Tea Mask, cleans your pores without drying out your skin… Watch Rebecca Now - Rebecca Christy of Healing Foundations