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My Vision

I envision a future where shopping for skincare is like shopping in the fresh food section at the grocery store with consumers educated enough to create their own recipes with readily available ingredients. A future in which we cease the purchase of plastic containers and heavily preserved products and petrochemical based plastic packaging is replaced with 100% biodegrable materials. I envision a future where much, much less is so much more.

~ Founder Jyl Bonaguro


CALM Natural Skincare, est 2010, and stands for Care Art Love Maintain... As a multi-media artist, I practice techniques like carving marble and mulling paint by hand, so it made sense to create a skincare line that emphasized mix it yourself natural ingredients and eco-friendly refills.

CALM started with my older sister Jeanne, a Skincare Afficionado Extraordinaire. I used to visit her at the old Marshall Fields in downtown Chicago when she managed several skin care departments. At nine years of age, I knew more about applying eye serum than about how to play a video game. The rest of my sisters and my parents helped test products and gave me feedback. In 2014, Jacki even successfully filed CALM's official U.S. trademark status. And for over 10 years, talented hair & makeup artist and bestie Daniela Kosta has provided her sales and skincare specialist support.


However, I also wanted CALM to be more than just quality natural skin care products. I sought innovation by offering eco refills in biodegradable packaging and then pushed even farther with creating powder based products, easy to travel with products. I wanted to get away from the endless purchase of plastic containers and the heavy use of preservatives but still offer skin care at a price that an average person could afford.

Ease of use packaging, I hated all the different jar sizes in my cabinet. I wanted items to stack and fit in a small area because I did not have the luxury of a large shelf. I wanted each product if used properly to last 3 months and be affordable and refillable. I was tired of the endless array of plastic containers in stores that are bought over and over again. I even tried to refill plastic lip balm tubes, but that did not work well and so I switched to paper lip balm tubes.

I used to give workshops for salt scrubs & lotions and after a workshop, a friend said, “That was a lot of work, would I please just sell whatever I put on my face instead.” It was a big leap to move from my own private creations into a line of products. It’s been an evolving process to make CALM be more than just another product on the shelf. I truly am trying to make a difference.

Thanks for finding CALM ... Please remember to Save Your Container, Save $$ and the Planet

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