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CALM Skin Care Green Mission Statement

Reduce Environmental Impact

CALM Skin Care, Inc strives to reduce environmental impact with sustainable aluminum packaging, Eco Refills, unisex products, natural, organic, cruelty free ingredients, and the informed buyer. Our containers are reusable and easy to recycle with energy efficient Aluminum, while Eco Refills for some of our products put the choice for anti-excess packaging in the hands of our customers. Choose to refill a CALM container, your own container or just use the CALM resealable bag by itself. For other products like lip balms, we offer biodegradable paper tubes.

In the changing world, why separate? Many of our products are listed as unisex and our full disclosure policy means that all ingredients are listed and explained so that buyers can shop wisely. CALM products are rated between 1-2 or Low Hazard by the Environmental Working Group and are certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. We seek to educate our customers with full disclosure ingredients, diy solutions and powder based ingredients with no or low amounts of preservatives that are inherently sustainable. CALM represents the promises made to the customer and to the Earth so that together we can help make a cleaner, safer place for generations to come.

Full Disclosure Ingredients

Our full disclosure policy means that all natural skincare ingredients, bath / body and makeup natural ingredients are listed and explained. We work with people with allergy issues, psoriasis, eczema and other issues and realize how important it is to have minimum fragrance but maximum goodness. Some of CALM skincare, bath & body and makeup products are vegan, but we do use beeswax and honey. The nonprofit Environmental Working Group manages a cosmetics database called Skin Deep in which it evaluates the health risk of more than 79,000 products, one ingredient at a time, and lists the most common harmful contaminants to avoid. We are proud to tell you that all of our skin care, makeup and body care products have scores between 1-2 or Low Hazard, check out our scores on Skin Deep Database CALM.

Cruelty Free

CALM Skin Care, Inc is recognized by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program for administering a cruelty-free standard. The Leaping Bunny Program provides the best assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.

Sustainable Anti-Excess Packaging

For CALM Natural Skin Care and Bath / Body products, the Eco Refills are packaged in a resealable kraft paper bag. This Anti-Excess Packaging solution means the consumer can either use the product straight out of the bag or pour it into their own container. For makeup, refills are offered in pans to refills compacts or any magnetic container.

Easy to Recycle

Our aluminum containers are easy to recycle and aluminum is the most energy efficient form of recycling. "Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Recycled aluminum is refined and melted into ingots – which are very large blocks of metal. Aluminum’s recycling journey begins when it is collected, crushed and then cut into chips that are fed into a furnace to remove paint and coatings. The chip pieces are then melted and formed into the blocks of aluminum. The aluminum blocks are rolled into sheets which are sent to manufacturers to make new cans. One of these blocks contains enough aluminum to make 1.3 million new cans. A can’s journey from the recycling bin through the recycling process and back to store shelves takes less than 60 days. Today’s aluminum cans have an average of 68% recycled content." - iwanttoberecycled.org Each aluminum container is marked with universal recycling symbols and numbers so the consumer knows how to recycle it.


Minimum fragrance and as simple as possible. Just a few core products that cover the most important part of a person’s routine, and sticking to natural and organic ingredients.


We live in a world where many things are mass produced. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. It’s great that some things are manufactured in massive quantities in order to fill a worldwide demand for them. At CALM we feel everything is better for you when it’s made with a heart.

CALM Vision Statement

I envision a future where shopping for skincare is like shopping in the fresh food section at the grocery store with consumers educated enough to create their own recipes with readily available ingredients. A future in which we cease the purchase of plastic containers and heavily preserved products and petrochemical based plastic packaging is replaced with 100% biodegrable materials like silk. I envision a future where much, much less is so much more.

I hope you will join me in that vision,

Jyl Bonaguro, founder CALM ~ Care, Art, Love, Maintain

calm skin care green mission statement
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