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Q&A on CALM Eco Refills Program

How are Eco Refills Packaged?

For CALM Natural Skin Care and Bath / Body products, the eco refills are packaged in a resealable kraft paper bag. This Anti-Excess Packaging solution means you can either use the product straight out of the bag or pour it into your own container. The choice is yours.

Do I save money with Eco Refills

YES. There is a discount for some products. If you buy our eco refills instead of the products in their regular packaging, you will help the earth and your wallet.

Is it Easy to use the Eco Refills?
YES. Store in the Anti-Excess Packaging resealable Kraft bag or refill your container

What CALM Skin Care products have Eco Refills?

Rose Hips & Oatmeal Facial Powder Cleanser
Green Tea Clay Cleansing Facial Mask
Hot Chocolate Aromatherapy Facial Mask
Neem Oil Eye Serum & Eye Makeup Remover