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Summer Skin Care Moisturizing Routine - After a harsh winter of fighting dry skin, summer arrives and most people forget about moisturizers

Stay hydrated
Your body is composed of about 80% water and the deprivation of water can make your skin look dry. During summer, you usually sweat more, which in turn can cause your face to look and feel oily. Use a paper towel to blot some of the sweat away versus rubbing your face and make sure you are always drinking water. The water intake will help your skin stay hydrated and it will help reduce the effects of humidity.

Vitamin D
For sun worshippers, try to tan only in the morning or late afternoon as opposed to the hottest part of the day around noon when UV rays are strongest. SPF protection should be reapplied and you should wear a hat. For non sun worshippers, give yourself a few minutes of sun therapy and expose your face and arms to the sunshine once a day either in the early morning or late afternoon. It will help increase circulation on your face, which encourages cell growth. Don’t allow your skin to go red or burn, simply feel the warmth and receive some natural Vitamin D.

Keep Moisturizing
Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you should stop applying facial moisturizer. Simply apply less, if you had to apply moisturizer morning and night during the winter, then only apply moisturizer in the morning and work a smaller amount into your skin.

Eat healthy
During summer, most people will opt for sugary poolside drinks, try drinking herbal iced tea or infused water instead of sodas. Drink dry white wines or sparkling wines instead of margaritas or other sugary cocktails and always make sure you are balancing your alcohol consumption with water. High sugar consumption damages collagen production and allows your skin to be prone to sun damage effects like wrinkles. Too much sugar will also make it more difficult to keep yourself looking trim and fabulous in your swimsuit.

Get some R&R
Cucumbers contain Vitamin C to boost collagen and elastin, and caffeic acid to protect skin cells from UV radiation, so great for your summer sun strained eyes.

R & R Treatment: Two slices of cold cucumber sliced to 1/4 inch thick for your eyes and two thinner slices for your water glass. Place the thinner slices in your cold water glass to steep while you lay back and apply the thicker slices to your eyes for 5-10 mins or until the slices become warm. By the time you sit up your cucumber water will be ready to drink. Easy….refreshing…relaxing…