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Cocoa butter helps prevent pregnancy stretch marks and dry skin

Promote elasticity in your skin as a luxurious bathing experience or try a hand soak and body rub. Especially Effective for Dry Winter Skin. The Cacao Bean was a sacred gift from the Mayan and Aztec Gods and used as a form of currency. Cocoa butter, derived from Cacao Beans releases a rich chocolate smell and is the ultimate skin moisturizer. It provides a breathable barrier that promotes elasticity in the skin and a few wafers in a bath will provide a luxurious bathing experience. If you don't feel like a bath, then melt one wafer in a cup of hot water, allow to cool and use as a quick hand soak.

What Causes Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it's pulled tight to the limit during pregnancy. Susceptibility has lots to do with genetics: Chances are, if your mother got them, you probably will too. Rapid pregnancy weight gain can also make you more likely to get stretch marks. And darker-skinned women are less likely to get stretch marks as fair-skinned gals (plus they're not as visible on dark skin). Cocoa butter is not a miracle cure, but moisturizing daily will help with the dryness and itchy skin associated with pregnancy.

CALM DIY Beauty Recipes

Bath: Add 1-3 wafers/bath

Hand Soak / Body Rub: Add 1 wafer to 2 cups water, Heat 1-2 mins, Stir, Pour into Bowl, Cool to desired temperature, Soak, Rinse & Dry Your Hands or Apply on Body

Don’t want to go through all the fuss making your own DIY Beauty product?
Try our Fair Trade Cocoa Butter with products like Buttery Rose Melts and Cocoa Butter Body Bar to create a breathable barrier to protect sensitive skin against environmental stress and pregnancy stretch marks.