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Honey Facial Cleanser - not just for sweetening your tea

We add it to everything from coffee to baked goods and even in beauty products, yet few of us realize how much healing power is concealed in sweet, golden honey. Think of it as a treasure hidden in plain sight that Mother Nature is giving us permission to take advantage of it. Science agrees.

An overwhelming number of studies have placed honey among “superfoods”; its' benefits range from natural antibiotic to sore throat remedy, memory booster, allergy reliever and more. It can also improves wound healing which makes it the perfect home treatment for skin rashes or burns. A little goes a long way, so make sure to apply a small quantity of raw honey over the affected area before covering it with a band aid.

But why not be a step ahead of the game and add it in your beauty routine? Instead of using an expensive cleanser with ingredients you hardly can pronounce, try a Honey Facial Cleanser and wash your face with a bit of honey. Thanks to its capacity of producing small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide, this natural balm acts like antimicrobial, cleansing and moisturizing every type of skin. Just 1tsp of honey rubbed gently onto your skin will help it clear, without leaving it completely dry.

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For unbalanced skin issues, wash your face with raw honey: 1tsp honey rubbed gently into your skin will help clear up the affected areas without drying out your skin. How sweet it is…

TIP: Although any raw honey works excellently, manuka honey boasts superior antibacterial and healing properties. It is recommended for acne-prone skin.

TIP: Since it is so gentle and nurturing to the skin, it is ideal for very sensitive skin, rosacea, and eczema.