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CALM daily skincare routine - We understand that the daily grind can wear you out and cause you to neglect your skin. Here's what we suggest...

CALM Daily Skin Care Routine


1) Cleanse with Soy Milk & Rose Hips Facial Cleanser (easiest to do outside of shower due to powder base). If you have really dry skin due to a harsh winter or simply due to your skin type, sometimes washing your face only once a day at night is sufficient. Instead, you can splash your face with water in the morning.

2) Tone with Rosemary Eucalyptus Facial Toner (Oily/Combo Skin Types) or Calendula Chamomile Facial Toner (Dry/Normal Skin Types) Many skip this step, but it prepares your pores for the moisturizer with some delicate cleansing via essential oils that tone your skin and provide aromatherapy.

3) Moisturize your face with Pomegranate Aloe Facial Moisturizer and then if desired, your sunblock protection of choice

4) Moisturize your eyes and remove your makeup with Pomegranate + Vitamin C Eye & Neck Serum Makeup Remover (for neck best at night only)

5) Moisturize your body with Olive Oil Body Moisturizer from the neck down (a little bit goes a long way, not for face). For extra dry skin or rough areas like elbows, knees and heels apply Cocoa Butter Body Bar

6) For your hands during the day, treat yourself to mini Jojoba Hand Salve and carry it with you everywhere

**Let the body moisturizing sink in for at least 5 minutes, try not to immediately throw on all your clothes, a robe is better…

Same Routine with the exception of applying Facial Moisturizer. It’s best to let skin breathe at night. However, during harsh winter months, a light application of Pomegranate Aloe Facial Moisturizer may be necessary.


1) Steam & Open all your pores - DIY Instructions

2) 1 Type of Facial Mask
Banana Mango Moisturizing Facial Mask - Dry Unbalanced Skin

Bentonite Green Tea Facial Mask - Oily Unbalanced Skin

Hot Chocolate Aromatherapy Facial Mask - Sensitive Unbalanced Skin

3) Deep Body Moisturizer – Buttery Rose Bath Melts / Body Rub - Dry Skin or Stretch Marks

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