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Homemade Body Wash Recipe with 1 bar of Soap

homemade body wash recipe

Additional Ingredients

CALM DIY Beauty Recipe
- 1 1/2 cups of distilled or purified water
- 1 tbsp vegetable glycerin
-1 tbsp honey

Recommended Instructions:
1) Cut 1/4 bar of Soap into small pieces
2) Add water, glycerin and honey
3) Stove top: simmer until melts approx 2 mins / Microwave: heat for 30-60 secs
4) Stir until uniform in appearance and allow to cool to room temperature
5) Pour into sterilized container and allow to solidify, may take up to 4 hours

Yield: 14 fl oz of Body wash, Fill 4 fl oz bottle, store remainder in refrigerator. When it’s time to Refill, Wash your container and Refill.

Please Note: Honey is a natural preservative, but the non refrigerated product should be used within 4 weeks. Not every soap is the same, so experiments might be required to get the correct consistency.

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