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CALM Natural Eco Friendly Skincare & Mineral Makeup has Sustainable Packaging and Eco Refills

CALM standing for Care Art Love Maintain is a cruelty free skincare company. Affordability, Unisex appeal, Mix it yourself natural ingredients, Easy travel size containers and Eco-friendly refills make CALM standout from the crowd. The tell all philosophy of CALM means all ingredients are listed and explained

Find skincare, bath/body and mineral makeup for all skin types. We are eco-friendly because we feature REUSABLE PACKAGING and refills for many products. There’s no reason to order another container when you can order a refill, save $$ and the planet. CALM Skin Care is a simple system for cleansing, masking, toning, and moisturizing with liquid and powder based products that avoid heavy preservatives. Our products are handmade in small batches so that you apply only freshly made goodness to your face. Our facial cleanser, masks, and moisturizers can be REFILLED, while our natural lip balms are in recycled paper tubes. Videos will help you make and refill your products so that you can easily recreate the spa experience in your own home. FIND Skincare

CALM Makeup brings out the natural fresh faced you with pure mineral makeup that can be REFILLED in a recycled magnetic paper palette. Our Eco-Friendly Mineral shadows, blushes and bronzers are mixed with Jojoba oil, the oil closest to the skin’s natural sebum, and allow your skin to breathe and sparkle. Our eco-friendly Lip & Cheek tints are CALM’s answer to the lip stick tube. Once your purchase a magnetic mirrored compact, you can REFILL your lip tint over and over again. While our Liquid Foundations and Concealers come in a variety of shades and can be used on oily or sensitive skin. FIND Makeup

CALM Bath/Body feels simplicity is best. Only the best essentials are offered with REFILLS for moisturizing bath hand melts, body oil, body bar, and a special jojoba hand salve that will help you lock in moisture for any dry skin issues. FIND Bath/Body

CALM Brides CALM Bridal Services Chicago is Bridal Hair & Makeup with a well rounded approach to your wedding day. Start with a regular Makeup or Hair Trial or Keep CALM & Marry On, our alternative makeup trial featuring hot tea and acupressure/acupuncture followed by a mini facial and CALM natural eco-friendly makeup application at Healing Foundations. Then, you have your choice to schedule an Eco Glamorous Bachelorette Spa Party, or book us for your wedding day. Become a CALM Bride

CALM SPA SERVICES works with Healing Foundations in Roscoe Village, Chicago to offer you CALM Makeovers and Spa Parties. We also have an outreach program that offers all natural facials in hospital rooms and/or select locations to those in need of soothing and pampering during tough times and times of joy.

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